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E/G of Florida: The Power of 'Client First'

For over 20 years, E/G of Florida, has specialized in homeowners and car insurance, life insurance, and business insurance on Florida’s Treasure Coast. With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Port Saint Lucie, Jupiter, Tampa and Naples, we are a growing company, staffed with insurance professionals who provide extensive expertise in auto, home, business and boat insurance.

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E/G of Florida: The Power of Risk Management

At E/G of Florida, we write every commercial policy through a system of risk management. What is risk management? It is, in essence, a set of principals designed to organize and reduce specific risks to which a business is exposed. Risk management includes the establishment of specific procedures to reduce or eliminate those risks entirely.

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E/G of Florida: Rooted Against the Storms

Like every other business in South Florida, at E/G of Florida, we face significant risk from Gulf Coast hurricanes. As such, we’ve developed and maintain a triple-redundant, hardened computer system, which includes out-of-state backups. When the next big storm hits, we'll be ready, delivering high-quality service to our policyholders when they need it most.

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A Independent Florida Insurance Agency

What’s the advantage of having an independent Florida insurance agency in your corner like E/G of Florida? We don’t work for an insurance company. We work for you—period. We have the freedom to be your advocate when you file a claim. And that’s exactly what we’ll do, working on your behalf every step of the process to assure you of fair treatment and service, and prompt claims payment.

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A Reliable Independent Insurance Agency in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

At E/G of Florida, we'll work hard for you to find coverages that best align with your personal insurance needs and circumstances. We'll take in account your coverage expectations, your preferred carriers and, of course, your budget. Our caring, knowledgeable agents will always keep your best interests in mind. If you're looking for an insurance agency you can trust as an always-honest, always-reliable partner on the Treasure Coast, call E/G of Florida today at 866-565-3939! We look forward to working with you.

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Committed to Excellence in Claims Advocacy

Although we’re proud of our numerous insurance relationships, we do not work for an insurance company. We work for you—period. When you file a claim, we’ll be there to help every possible way, advocating on your behalf to ensure fair, prompt payment and service.

Risk Management

We work with our business partners through a Risk Management strategy. This means that delivering comprehensive policies at competitive pricing is merely the beginning. To help reduce your long-term insurance costs, we'll work with you throughout the relationship to continually assess, address, and minimize risks.

The Power of Education & Knowledge

At E/G of Florida, we believe in the power of knowledge. We believe in the power of relationships, too. Strong insurance relationships start with knowledgeable clients making informed coverage decisions. We are committed to empowering each policyholder with the information he/she needs to make educated coverage choices.

E/G of Florida Insurance: Growing Partnerships Through Quality Coverage

At Ardent, we partner with a select group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies in Collier County, Florida. Our staff and leadership have been part of the insurance industry for many years and can help you find coverages for any business or personal insurance circumstance. We provide personalized guidance to every policyholder because we want you to make the right insurance decisions for yourself, your family and/or your business. Such is the basis of solid insurance relationships. Such is the Ardent way.

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    At E/G of Florida Treasure Coast Insurance Agency, we make it easy to quickly submit for a free online automobile insurance quote, business insurance quote or a homeowners insurance quote. In fact, you're always just a few clicks away from a free online quote. Over the years, we've maintained longstanding relationships with dozens of insurance companies, enabling you to get the coverage you need at reasonable, competitive prices. And we're committed to serving you with second-to-none customer service.

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