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Insurance and Risk Management

Founded On The Power of 'Client First'

E/G of Florida: Quality Coverage Starts & Ends with Client Needs

E/G of Florida Insurance and Risk Management is an agency of insurance pros with expertise in numerous coverage areas. Whether you need a specific type of insurance or have a question about one, we can cover it.

Experience has shown us that teamwork is the best way to ensure each client receives coverages that are as tailored to individual needs as possible. That's why, from our account executives, to our marketing department, account managers and everyone in between, we operate as a team. From specific coverage limits and types, to deductible amounts, we work hard every day to tailor coverages and policies for our clients.

Commercial Coverage & Risk Management

E/G of Florida About Us

Our approach to commercial insurance is grounded in the principal of risk management. What is risk management? It is, in essence, a set of principals designed to organize and reduce specific risks to which a commercial entity is exposed. Risk management includes the establishment of specific procedures to reduce or eliminate those risks entirely.

Working through our risk management system, we'll review and evaluate all the major components of your business and insurance needs, including your:

  • Coverage issues and impediments
  • Loss history
  • Accounting processes
  • Accounting audits
  • Safety record
  • Special service requirements

We'll take all these factors into account as we compare coverages for your business across our numerous insurance partners, allowing you a great deal of choice and flexibility.

Our Company History

E/G of Florida was founded in the late 1990s by three top agents, each representing separate insurance companies with interests in Florida. The three decided to pool resources and expertise. Our founders set out believing that, if they genuinely looked out for the best interests of each client, profits would take care of themselves.

Their client-first philosophy has led to significant growth during each of the company's years in business. More than two decades later, we've grown from one office to five and continue operating from that "let's just do what's right" principal. Both our agency and clients continue growing and succeeding because of it.

Florida Independent Insurance Agent

What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

When consumers shop for a car, a home, a major appliance or any other "big-ticket" item, it's unusual to buy the first model they test drive, the first two-story they view and so forth. When it comes to making any large commitment of cash-especially one that entails regular payments over several years-people want to know they've found the highest-quality product possible at the lowest achievable price.

Why should insurance be any different?

There are few, more-important purchases one makes in life than solid insurance, making it a product that warrants careful research and comparison-shopping before finalizing a policy.

Realistically, however, our current hustle-and-bustle, always-on-the-go, information-overload world makes it sometimes difficult to attend to even the basics of life. Who, then, has the time and resources to comparison shop for insurance? Who has the time to do the in-depth research required from one company to the next and from one policy to policy to another?

We do.

As an independent insurance agent, we're not tied to and don't work for any single insurance company. We work for you, delivering expert advice on a complete line of insurance products to help you make important financial decisions.

We can shop around for coverages from our numerous insurance partners to get you the best coverages at the most competitive prices possible. Additionally, since we don't work for an insurance company, we have the freedom to serve as your advocate throughout the claims processes. And that's precisely what we do, advocating for you every step of the way to make sure you receive courteous, fair service and prompt payment.

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If you're ready to start a new partnership with an independent Florida insurance agency that puts your interests ahead of profit considerations every time, call E/G of Florida at 954-565-3939. Or for a free online quote on any of our insurance products, fill out the form on the E/G of Florida Contact Page.