• E/G of Florida Makes Hotel Insurance Hospitable


Hotel Insurance is Crucial for Your Florida Hospitality Business

Despite having Hurricane Irma, Florida still had over 116 million tourists in 2017. Hospitality is a huge part of Florida’s economy. While we love having the privileges to host so many different visitors, we know that hotel and motel owners have special insurance needs.

Why Hotel Insurance?

Traditional commercial property insurance may not be enough for your hotel business. Hotels are more than just commercial property, they’re temporary homes for guests. It takes a lot to make sure your guests are comfortable and to be more than just another hotel.

A big thing that sets hotel insurance apart from traditional commercial property insurance is that it makes your business much less vulnerable to risks caused by guests. Sure, commercial property can be included in your hotel insurance, but alone it’s not enough.

What Does My Hotel Insurance Policy Include?

E/G of Florida can tailor a hotel insurance policy to fit your hotel or motel’s specific needs. Whether you’re a large franchise or a small B&B, E/G of Florida is ready to help put you at ease so you can focus on providing your guests exceptional service. Your policy can help you cover items such as:

  • Food and food spoilage
  • Liquor liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Guest property coverage

If you have any additional needs, let us know! We look forward to working with you.

Contact E/G of Florida for Comprehensive Hotel Insurance for Your Hotel or Motel Business Needs

Here at E/G of Florida, we understand that a lot goes into your hotel business to make it comfortable for your guests. We want to help you ease the burden of insurance by finding you a policy that covers your specific needs without breaking your budget. Contact us today by filling out the form on our contact page or calling us at 866-565-3939.