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Condo Insurance: Coverage Fundamentals

If you live in a condo, your Condo Association probably provides some level of rudimentary insurance coverage. Typically, such coverage is limited to one of the following three types of policy:

  • Coverage for the complex’s primary building and common areas
  • Coverage for each building and for items within each unit considered to be property of the condominium complex
  • Coverage for each building, each individual unit, and for any fixtures or improvements to the unit made by the occupant

Condo Insurance Liability Coverage

With sufficient condo coverage, you can protect your condo from fires, wind and hailstorms, lightning strikes, theft, and other events not covered by association coverage.

What Are Condo Insurance Exclusions?

As with home insurance policies, condo insurance doesn’t cover specific peril types:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes and mudslides
  • Settling
  • Natural deterioration and neglect
  • Birds, rodents, insects, and domesticated animals

Multi-Policy Condo Insurance Discounts

If you purchase condo insurance through a E/G of Florida Insurance carrier, you may be eligible for discounts if you’re an existing E/G of Florida policyholder. Whether you’re an existing customer with our agency or not, ask about multi-policy discounts when you bundle condo insurance with other policies.

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